Red flowers Berlin_Ximeh-Art

It feels like endlessly falling, loosing control of the body I once knew and inhabited...high and low tides collide

at the same time and the more I try to go back to the shore,

the further the current takes me inside. When will it end?

Who will I be when changes laid ashore? How on earth do I stop this? How do I dry my skin after the many questions stuck in my throat and in my overheated I close my eyes..

and breathe..

I   breathe 

Letting go the fear_Ximeh Art Berlin
conceptual art black and white_Ximeh Art Freiburg
storms inside_Ximeh Art-Photography Denmark
feel it deep conceptual photography_Ximeh Art

y al mar me lo llevo dentro

I breathe as I let it all in..harbouring inside every

single guest, thought and feeling. I move between fear, sadness, joy, despair, hope, poetry & music until

I find myself inside my silence

and suddenly, all those questions drowning in my mind rise up the surface with a single answer: